Emma's Senior Session

The Pinnacles | Columbia, Missouri

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Funny story- before this session with Emma I had only been to The Pinnacles once before. I kept hearing about this place and how I really needed to check it out! I was kicking myself for not visiting sooner. The Pinnacles has a little bit of everything and let me tell you-- in the Fall it is so breathtaking. The rock formations by the creek look like you'd find them in Utah. Just see for yourself...

A little backstory on Emma- she actually works at my dad's local restaurant in Columbia, MO called G&D Steakhouse. She was talking to my dad about finding a photographer for her senior photos and like my built in hype- man (thanks, dad!) he recommended me and everything went off without a hitch! Her mom and dog tagged along and we had such a fabulous time!

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If you're looking for a place with a more natural background, lots of trees, creek and the rock cliffs- The Pinnacles is for you! It's just north of Columbia passed Hallsville, so it's fairly local and it's absolutely stunning! We always love locations that offer multiple selections because it's like going to more than one location without actually having to!

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Thank you all so much for stopping by! Please, take a weekend or a weeknight once the weather gets warmer and check out The Pinnacles but just a reminder- Please be safe if you're going to climb the rock hills, they can be very dangerous!


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