Intimate Lakeside Elopement in Missouri



Kellie reached out to me a week before their small elopement and said she was looking for someone that would document their day on the lake. They are originally from Iowa and took a trip to the Lake with their kids and their closest friends for the week. While they were there they decided to go ahead and tie the knot! This was such a fantastic wedding, super small and intimate and so romantic! I am so honored that Kellie & Adam chose us to document their love story.

Wedding Lake Ozarks Missouri
Elopement in Missouri
Elopement Lake Ozark Missouri

Adam said he proposed to Kellie in their boat, so we thought it would be fitting to take some photographs in the boat! Kellie said they bring their boat with them from Iowa- what an amazing vacation spot!

Bride and Groom Lake Ozark Missouri
Wedding on the Lake

We caught a couple of great moments where their family was viewing live on FaceTime since they couldn't be there for the wedding! We're so happy they could still be involved without actually being at The Lake with us! So adorable!

Kellie was walked down the dock ramp by her two boys and it was so sweet to witness. You can really see the true love between Kellie and Adam and not to mention the scenery makes for an amazing backdrop! We were able to document authentic emotion between Kellie and Adam and the guests as well. This is going to be a wedding I will never forget!

Lake Ozark Missouri Wedding
Missouri Elopement at Lake Ozarks

OKAY, but it gets better! (If that's even possible!) They decided to break out the paddle board and we were all filled with just a TINY bit of anxiety because we didn't want them to fall in. They rocked this! They got on the same paddle board and we got some amazing shots of them on the lake! This couldn't have been more perfect!

Weddings in Missouri at the Lake

To Kellie and Adam- From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for letting me experience such a beautiful day with you and your family and friends. While I was editing this gallery I was constantly smiling, just reliving the real joy you all felt on that day. This was such an amazing wedding and I am so happy that you chose me to document such an important day in your lives. Thank you so much and I wish you all the happiest years to come.

Bride and Groom on the dock
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