The Millbottom in Jefferson City, Missouri

The Millbottom is a fantastically beautiful venue with a mixture of rustic, industrial and modern vibes. The exposed brick really made a great backdrop for the copper and rose gold tones of this beautiful wedding.

We always tell our couples that even if things don't go as expected on your wedding day, we are there to roll with the punches. Whenever we got to the venue, we were informed that Sean's dad had to make an emergency visit to the ER that day. Luckily, everything was okay and he was able to attend the ceremony! Whenever things don't go as planned, try not to stress. We are more than your wedding photographers- we are here to help in any way we can! Whenever Sean's dad arrived there was a huge breath of relief, and then the party truly started!

One of our favorite things about documenting love stories is seeing the authentic relationships between our couples. We want the genuine smiles, we want the tears (of happiness of course), and we want to see the joy you have being with your loved ones. Candids are the best way to do this, and I'm so happy we're able to showcase the love and joy that was so present on this special day.

The Ceremony

So beautiful with the lights hung across the brick, all of the love from everyone in the room and the two souls professing their love to each other. This is our favorite part!

Thank you Jess & Sean!

We are so happy you chose us to capture your beautiful day! We will remember this wedding for the rest of our lives. It was such an honor to be a part of something so special! Here's to many years of happiness and love!