Forest Park in St. Louis Missouri

This weekend Brooke, Logan and I made our way to Forest Park and it was flooded with prom attendees wanting their photos taken against the art museum backdrop! We scouted the area and found some secluded spots that were so gorgeous! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes- the hill that leads down to the fountains will take your breath away- quite literally.

Forest Park St Louis
Forest Park St Louis Missouri
Forest Park Engagement MO

If you're looking for a great backdrop with lots of water and greenery this is an amazing place to visit! The trees that line the pathways are so stunning and offer different views where it looks like you're not even in the same park.

St. Louis Wedding Photographer
St. Louis MO engagement photographers

Brooke & Logan already have a wedding photographer but they chose us to document their engagement and we are so honored we got to meet and work with the both of them! If you're thinking about booking a session in the St. Louis area, absolutely check out this spot!

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Thanks for stopping by! Love you all!