6 Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer before booking!

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Question 1: What is the turn around time for gallery delivery?

This is an important question, because we all know that prime wedding season can be super busy! As photographers, we always try our best to set the expectations up front for our clients.

Every photographer is different, so this is always important to ask and make sure it is listed in your contract! We quote 4-6 weeks for a completed wedding gallery but we will always keep our couples up to date with sneaks from their wedding day! We know you're excited for your images and we don't want to keep you hanging!

Question 2: are the edited photos included in the package, or are they an extra cost?

This is so important to ask your photographer! Sometimes photographers will throw in AFTER the wedding has taken place "Oh, here's an x amount of photos, but to see the rest it will cost...."

This is a huge red flag! Photographers can make the choice to charge for the gallery, but this needs to be discussed prior to signing the contract. For us, we always include the edited wedding gallery at no additional charge.

Question 3: How many photos will we receive?

This is a really common question, and it's a good one to ask BUT just know it's always better to hire a photographer for quality over quantity. We always give an approximate number of photographs we take, but it does depend on the events of the day and how everything plays out. If a photographer is quoting you 10 images per hour for 8 hours-- I would say that is a pretty huge red flag.

We have two photographers for all of our packages, so the number of photographs we quote is for the both of us!

Question 4: Could you please send me a link to a couple of recent galleries you've shot?

This, this, this! I can't recommend this question enough! If you're unsure of the photographer you're hiring, PLEASE ask to see a couple of their most recent galleries they've delivered. Not only does this show if their style aligns with your vision, but it can also show how many photos are included in the gallery they've sent. If you have any concerns, ask the photographer! We are here to help!

Questions 5: what happens if you're ill or unable to make it to our wedding?

Of course, this is always the ultimate worst case scenario and every photographers nightmare BUT it's always good to have this discussed just in case. We don't want you to panic! This is always good to make sure it's in the contract. Most photographers will choose a replacement photographer with a similar style and will not charge any additional for this. I cannot stress this enough- please make sure this is covered in your contract.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of scams going around on the online world so you want to be sure if this isn't covered in your contract, you're not out of the retainer you paid. If this isn't in your contract, ask your photographer and make sure you required them to amend it to add it.

Question 6: How much do i pay for a retainer?

Every photographer is different, but standard practice is to collect 50% of the package price up front at the time of signing the contract. This protects both parties in case of cancellation! Also, something important to remember is whenever you book a date with a photographer, this means they have marked it on their calendar as unavailable- so if the client winds up cancelling after months of having this date blocked off, that's potential income the photographer has lost out on!

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Thank you all for taking the time to read these questions! It's important to know and trust the photographer you're choosing to document your love story. We are here to help you in any way we can, even if your decision is not to move forward with us! We want everyone to be educated when it comes to finding the perfect fit!

If you have questions, ask! If you have doubts, make them known! It's your day- you should be in control.


-Debra & Jeremy